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In this study, shortening content in a wire-cut cookie formulation was reduced at 10, 20, 30 and 40% and replaced with apricot kernel flour (AKF). The effects of increased concentrations of AKF onExpand
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Utilization of brewer's spent grain in the production of Frankfurters
Summary The effects of dried and ground brewer’s spent grain (BSG) on dietary fibre content and some quality characteristics of beef Frankfurters were investigated. BSG preparations of fine (<212Expand
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Effects of resistant starch, apricot kernel flour, and fiber-rich fruit powders on low-fat cookie quality
Utilization of resistant starch (RS) and apricot kernel flour (AKF) as fat replacers in cookies were examined and effects of fruit powders on the quality of low-fat cookies were investigated. AExpand
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Effects of Fiber-rich Apple and Apricot Powders on Cookie Quality
Apple and apricot powders (APL-P and APR-P) were produced from apple and apricot fruits and they were used in cookie formulation at the levels of 10-40% (in flour bases). The APL-P and APR-P wereExpand
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Effects of sugarbeet fiber on the quality of Frankfurters
L'influence des fibres de betteraves sucrieres sur la qualite et la teneur en cellulose vegetale des saucisses de Francfort a ete etudiee. On a produit, a partir de pulpes pressees, trois fractionsExpand
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Development of a bulgur-like product using extrusion cooking
In this study we (1) developed a new bulgur-like foodstuff using a durum wheat cultivar and an extrusion technique, (2) investigated the physicochemical properties of the extrudates produced and (3)Expand
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Is Gluten-Free Diet a Good Advice for Healthy Individuals?
The gluten proteins are the storage proteins of wheat that are responsible for cohesive and viscoelastic properties of dough, withhold gas during fermentation and to set of dough during baking.Expand