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Oxygen evolution and reduction kinetics of the photooxidized Chl-aII + have been measured in oxygen-evolving complexes from the thermophilic cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. 1. Incubation of PS II particles with acetate resulted in an inhibition of oxygen evolution and a retardation of the Chl-aII +=reduction kinetics from the nanosecond range to the(More)
The reaction sequence between the primary electron acceptor, the oxidized Chlorophyll-aII, and the terminal electron donor, the water splitting enzyme system S, is being described in the range from nanoseconds to milliseconds. For the cleavage of water Chlorophyll-aII + extracts four electrons in four turnovers from the enzyme system S responsible for the(More)
Illumination of aqueous ferricyanide and inorganic phosphate with visible light shows after one week an accumulation of carbamylphosphate (CAP) (6% based on phosphate). Incubation of aqueous CAP, ADP and some metal cations gives after three hours high yields of ATP (up to 18% based on ADP). A phosphorylation of AMP to ADP occurs with lower yields (4-7%(More)
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