Ömer S. Benli

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We study lot streaming in shops in which the order the jobs are to be processed is immaterial. For a single job case, the properties of the optimal routing is determined. For the multi job case, two machine shops are analyzed. It is shown that lot streaming will improve makespan only if there is a job with large processing times. We show that there can be(More)
Lot streaming is moving some portion of a process batch ahead to begin a downstream operation. The problem to be considered in this paper is the following: a single job consisting of U units is to be processed on two machines in the given order. Given a fixed number of possible transfer batches between the two machines, the problem is to find the timing and(More)
Constraint programming is a relatively new approach for solving combinatorial optimization problems. This approach is especially effective for large scale scheduling problems with side conditions. University course scheduling problem is one of the hard problems in combinatorial optimization. Furthermore, the specific requirements of each institution make it(More)
The models presented in this study are based on lot streaming paradigm and make use of the basic model-ing framework of constraint satisfaction. The problem modeled is the following: Several production lots, each consisting of a number of units, are to be processed in a job shop. Each production lot, or its sublot of given size, has a deadline. The problem(More)
Nonparametric analysis of blocked ordered categories data: some examples revisited, D. Comparison of two common estimators of the ratio of the means of independent normal variables in agricultural research, Effectiveness of high interest rate policy on exchange rates: a reexamination of the Asian financial crisis, Loss protection in pairs trading through(More)
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