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The Kurdish Women's Movement: A Third-Wave Feminism Within the Turkish Context
Based on discourse analysis of journals published by Kurdish feminists, this article analyzes Kurdish feminist movements, which developed throughout the 1990s in Turkey. It goes on to indicate how
Attitudes Towards the Status of Women in Turkish Society: The Case of Istanbul *
Moving from the case of Istanbul this paper emphasizes on the attitudes of Turkish society towards women's status and roles. Based upon a field work carried out in Istanbul, in 2008, it quests how
characteristic. This is because in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries most concepts that made up the basis of the public sphere were abstract ideas rather than concrete facts. The notions of
Islam and Democracy: A Theoretical Discussion on the Compatability of Islam and Democracy
Muslims have never sought to understand the nature of links between Islam and other systems of government as much as they have done with that of Islam and democracy. No such scrutiny, for instance,
Civil Society in the Ottoman Empire
An inquiry into the historical background of the Ottoman society reveals early seeds of, or several elements that could form a basis for, civil society in the Ottoman empire. The civil societal
Women and Civil Society in Turkey: Women's Movements in a Muslim Society
Contents: Preface Introduction Civil society in modern political thought and feminist reaction Women and civil society in Turkish politics: from past to present The feminist movement in Turkey during
Women and Local Democracy in Turkey
This study focuses on the role of women's civil soc iety organizations in developing women's participation in political activ ities at a local level in Turkey. Based upon an empirical study conducted