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Effects of lipoic acid supplementation on rat brain tissue: An FTIR spectroscopic and neural network study
Abstract The unfortunate increase in exposure to free radicals justifies antioxidant supplementation. Therefore, in the current study, the effect of exogenously administered lipoic acid, a naturalExpand
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Variation of Total Lipid and Fatty Acid Amount and Compositions in Muscles of Capoeta trutta and Barbus rajanorum mystaceus During Reproduction Period
In this study, the variation of total lipid and fatty acid composition in muscle tissues of females and males of Copoeta trutta and Barbus rajanorum mystaceus living in Keban Dam Lake (Elazig) wereExpand
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Influences of Intraperitoneally and Dietary Administered Vitamin E and Selenium on the Lipid Composition in Reproductive Organs of Male Animals
The aim of this work was to determine the protective effect of intraperitoneally and dietary administered vitamin E and selenium (Se) on the total lipid, cholesterol, and fatty acid composition inExpand
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Investigation on diffusion bonding characteristics of aluminum metal matrix composites (Al/SiCp) with pure aluminum for different heat treatments
Abstract Joining characteristic of SiC particulate reinforced aluminum metal matrix composites (MMCs) with pure aluminum were investigated by diffusion bonding process. The joining quality of theExpand
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Defne (Laurus nobilis L.) Yaprak ve Meyvesinin Yağ Asitleri Bileşimi
Bu calismada, Iskenderun civarindan temin edilen defne meyvesi ve defne yapragi yaginin yag asitleri gaz kromatografisi ile analiz edildi. Analiz sonucunda yag asitleri icinde en fazla defne yaginda,Expand
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Elazığ Keban Baraj Gölünde Yaşayan Capoeta capoeta umbla ve Capoeta trutta’nın Toplam Lipit ve Yağ Asidi Bileşimi
In this research the total lipid content and fatty acid composition were determined Capoeta capoeta umbla and Capoeta trutta which living in Keban Dam Lake. Total lipid content were ranged betweenExpand
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