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On Objectives of Instructional Laboratories, Individual Assessment, and Use of Collaborative Remote Laboratories
Three key issues should be addressed to enable universities to deliver engineers who have a solid documented laboratory experience enabling them to design goods and services complying with theExpand
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Collaborative Learning in Engineering Education *
The notion of collaborative learning alludes to learning within groups that have been formed for the specific purpose of achieving set educational goals. Groups are small, normally not exceeding fiveExpand
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Congestion Management of IP Traffic Using Adaptive Exponential RED
In an IP network, if the source rates are increased beyond the service rates of the routers, then queues of packets waiting to be routed at the buffers, build up and exceed the buffering capacity ofExpand
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SUMMARY Remote laboratories for measurement and control represent an ever growing field in the distant teaching of engineering and technology students. The existing remote laboratories for motionExpand
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Numerical simulation of sliding wear for a polymer–polymer sliding contact in an automotive application
Injection moulded polymer-based components are important for cost effective and fast production/assembly of auxiliary mechanisms in automotive industry. Wear is one of the critical factors, whichExpand
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Edge-end Pixel Extraction for Edge-based Image Segmentation
Extraction of edge-end-pixels is an important step for the edge linking process to achieve edge-based image segmentation. This paper presents an algorithm to extract edge-end pixels together withExpand
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Regenerative braking in an electric vehicle
Electric vehicles have been attracting unprecedented attention in light of the volatile market prices and prospect of diminishing supplies of fuel. Advances in battery technology and significantExpand
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Collaborative Learning in the Remote Laboratory NetLab
At the University of South Australia (UniSA) the practical component of engineering education is considered to be a vital factor in developing university graduate qualities [1]. Practical experimentsExpand
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