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Treatment of cheese whey wastewater by combined electrochemical processes
This study shows the good performance of a sequential electrochemical methodology, consisting in electrocoagulation (EC) followed by an electrochemical advanced oxidation process (EAOP), to treat rawExpand
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Evaluation of the effect of oxygen on electro-Fenton treatment performance for real textile wastewater using the Taguchi approach
This investigation demonstrates the performance difference of EF reactions conducted in the oxygenated and oxygen-free conditions due to the contribution of hydroxyl radicals in the solution.Expand
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Optimization of chemical coagulation of real textile wastewater using Taguchi experimental design method
Abstract In the present study, optimal coagulation conditions, such as pH, coagulant dosage, slow mixing rate, rapid mixing rate, and initial concentration, were determinated using the TaguchiExpand
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Treatability of Dye Solutions Containing Disperse Dyes by Fenton and Fenton-Solar Light Oxidation Processes
This study attempts to explore the possibility of treating dye solutions containing Disperse Yellow 119 and Disperse Red 167 by Fenton and Fenton under solar-light oxidation processes. ExperimentsExpand
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Application of electro-Fenton process for medical waste sterilization plant wastewater
AbstractSterilization at high-temperature water vapor is the most common method to make medical waste harmless before storage. Although it is microbiologically a very effective method, the effluentExpand
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Investigation of color and COD removal by Fenton reagent from aqueous solutions containing acid and reactive dyestuffs
Textile industry is one of the most important industrial activity areas for our country. Because this industry has various production processes, it contains high pollution load and wastewater volume,Expand
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Application of electrocoagulation for treatment of medical waste sterilization plant wastewater and optimization of the experimental conditions
In this study, phosphate and chemical oxygen demand removals of medical waste sterilization plant wastewater were investigated and the Taguchi experimental method was used to determine optimumExpand
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Removal of disperse and reactive dyes from aqueous solutions using ultrasound-assisted electrocoagulation.
This study investigates the effectivenesses of electrocoagulation, ultrasound, and ultrasound-assisted electrocoagulation processes for the removal of color and chemical oxygen demand (COD) fromExpand
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