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Tense and aspect systems
All rights reserved. Except for thc quotation of short passages for the purposes of criticism and review, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted,Expand
The growth and maintenance of linguistic complexity
This book studies linguistic complexity and the processes by which it arises and is maintained, focusing not so much on what one can say in a language as how it is said. Complexity is not seen asExpand
Tense and aspect in the languages of Europe
This volume puts the European tense-aspect systems in a consistent typological and diachronic perspective. The book advances our understanding of the dynamics of tense and aspect systems, how theyExpand
Typology of sentence negation
The study covers approximately 240 languages representing about 40 language families and genetically isolated languages. The sample is not satisfactory for statistical generalizations, since it isExpand
The grammar of future time reference in European languages
This chapter is about the ways in which speakers of European languages talk about the future; more specifically, the grammatical devices that are used in doing so and some major semantic/pragmatic distinctions relevant to the marking of future time reference. Expand
Animacy and the notion of semantic gender
1. General The research reported in this paper is part of a project called " Animacy in typology and discourse ". 1 One of the aims of this project is to investigate the role of the notion of animacyExpand
Egophoricity in discourse ans syntax
Egophoric reference is defined as reference to speech act participants and generic reference. As shown by adult conversational data from Swedish, English, and Spanish, and longitudinal data from oneExpand
Animacy in grammar and discourse
Les As. examinent le role que joue le caractere anime dans la grammaire et montrent combien ce caractere est pertinent dans l'etude des processus referentiels du discours. Il existe une forteExpand