Óscar Martínez

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INTRODUCTION Facial emotional expression constitutes a basic guide in the social interaction and, thus, the alterations in its expression or recognition imply an important limitation for the communication. On the other hand, cognitive impairment and the presence of depressive symptoms, which are commonly found in patients with multiple sclerosis, it is(More)
The Raven's Progressive Matrices (RPM) test is a commonly used test of intelligence. The literature suggests a variety of problem-solving methods for addressing RPM problems. For a graduate-level artificial intelligence class in Fall 2014, we asked students to develop intelligent agents that could address 123 RPM-inspired problems, essentially crowdsourcing(More)
This paper describes several experiments performed by our research group to show the use of smartphones in physics teaching. We document our work on the development of apps for smartphones and on how to use recorded sensor data. As a final result, some interesting outcomes are obtained from the surveys conducted on the students about the use of these(More)
The use of mobile technologies is reshaping how we teach and learn. In this paper we describe our research on the use of these technologies to teach physics. On the one hand we develop mobile applications to complement the traditional learning and to help students learn anytime and anywhere. The use of this applications has proved to have very positive(More)
Seedlessness is a relevant trait in grapevine cultivars intended for fresh consumption or raisin production. Previous DNA marker analysis indicated that Corinto bianco (CB) is a parthenocarpic somatic variant of the seeded cultivar Pedro Ximenes (PX). This study compared both variant lines to determine the basis of this parthenocarpic phenotype. At(More)
Embryogenic suspension cultures are suitable for EMS mutagenesis in grapevine, and HRM prescreening of EMS-treated somatic embryo clusters allows rapid detection of point mutations before plant regeneration. Somatic embryogenesis is an excellent system for induced mutagenesis and clonal propagation in woody plants. Our work was focused on establishing a(More)
BACKGROUND Intermittent glycemic measurements in patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) can result in episodes of severe hypoglycemia or in a poor control of glycemia range. We designed a study to assess accuracy and reliability of continuous monitoring of tissue glucose for patients with distributive shock. METHODS Consecutive patients(More)
In vitro chromosome doubling techniques have been used to produce polyploids in several species, including table grapes, but limited research in this field has been performed using winegrapes. An efficient procedure was established to induce tetraploid grapevine plants by colchicine treatment of embryogenic cell aggregates (ECAs) grown in winegrape cultivar(More)