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The physical appearance and behavior of a robot is an important asset in terms of Human-Computer Interaction. Multimodality is also fundamental, as we humans usually expect to interact in a natural way with voice, gestures, etc. People approach complex interaction devices with stances similar to those used in their interaction with other people. In this(More)
Grid technology has enabled clustering and access to, and interaction among, a wide variety of geographically distributed resources such as supercomputers, storage systems, data sources, instruments as well as special devices and services, realizing network-centric operations. Their main applications include large scale computational and data intensive(More)
An essential and indispensable component of automated microscopy framework is the automatic focusing system, which determines the in-focus position of a given field of view by searching the maximum value of a focusing function over a range of z-axis positions. The focus function and its computation time are crucial to the accuracy and efficiency of the(More)
With modern automated microscopes and digital cameras, pathologists no longer have to examine samples looking through microscope binoculars. Instead, the slide is digitized to an image, which can then be examined on a screen. This creates the possibility for computers to analyze the image. In this work, a fully automated approach to region of interest (ROI)(More)
This article presents a comparative study between different colour models (RGB, HSI and CIEL*a*b*) applied to a very large microscopic image analysis. Such analysis of different colour models is needed in order to carry out a successful detection and therefore a classification of different regions of interest (ROIs) within the image. This, in turn, allows(More)
Pollen identification is required in different scenarios such as prevention of allergic reactions, climate analysis or apiculture. However, it is a time-consuming task since experts are required to recognize each pollen grain through the microscope. In this study, we performed an exhaustive assessment on the utility of texture analysis for automated(More)
Given that angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis are strongly related to prognosis in neoplastic and other pathologies and that many methods exist that provide different results, we aim to construct a morphometric tool allowing us to measure different aspects of the shape and size of vascular vessels in a complete and accurate way. The developed tool presented(More)