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13. Icelandic soils
Most Icelandic soils form in volcanic parent materials. The majority of the soils are classified as Andosols or Vitrisols according to an Icelandic soil classification scheme. Drainage and eolianExpand
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Ecosystem recharge by volcanic dust drives broad-scale variation in bird abundance
Across the globe, deserts and volcanic eruptions produce large volumes of atmospheric dust, and the amount of dust is predicted to increase with global warming. The effects of long-distance airborneExpand
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Assessment using remote sensing and GIS methods: A case study in Skeiðarársandur, Iceland
Supervisors Mr. Sigmar Metúsalemsson, Alta sigmar@alta.is Mr. Jóhann Thorarensen, Soil Conservation Service of Iceland johann@land.is Dr Ólafur G. Arnalds, Agricultural University of IcelandExpand
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Eulogie for evolution
Kolbjörk: carbon sequestration and soil development under mountain birch (Betula pubescens) in restored areas in southern Iceland.
Iceland has suffered from severe soil erosion since settlement with losses up to 60% of pre-settlement vegetation. Large land remediation projects are underway using Betula pubescens. A hugeExpand