Òscar Celma

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In this paper we give an overview of the Foafing the Music system. The system uses the Friend of a Friend (FOAF) and RDF Site Summary (RSS) vocabularies for recommending music to a user, depending on the user’s musical tastes and listening habits. Music information (new album releases, podcast sessions, audio from MP3 blogs, related artists’ news and(More)
The world of music is changing rapidly. We are now just a few clicks away from being able to listen to nearly any song that has ever been recorded. This easy access to a nearly endless supply of music is changing how we explore, discover, share and experience music. As the world of online music grows, music recommendation and discovery tools become an(More)
We study the topology of several music recommendation networks, which arise from relationships between artist, co-occurrence of songs in play lists or experts' recommendation. The analysis uncovers the emergence of complex network phenomena in these kinds of recommendation networks, built considering artists as nodes and their resemblance as links. We(More)
In this paper we present a way to annotate music collections by exploiting audio similarity. Similarity is used to propose labels (tags) to yet unlabeled songs, based on the content–based distance between them. The main goal of our work is to ease the process of annotating huge music collections, by using content-based similarity distances as a way to(More)
This paper presents some findings around musical genres. The main goal is to analyse whether there is any agreement between a group of experts and a community, when defining a set of genres and their relationships. For this purpose, three different experiments are conducted using two datasets: the MP3.com expert taxonomy, and last.fm tags at artist level.(More)
MPEG-7 can be used to create complex and comprehensive metadata descriptions of multimedia content. Since MPEG-7 is defined in terms of an XML schema, the semantics of its elements have no formal grounding. In addition, certain features can be described in multiple ways. In order to make MPEG-7 interoperable with domain-specific ontologies, the semantics of(More)