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Fruit Characteristics of Eighteen Orange Cultivars
Several characteristics related to fruit quality, such as length, width, length/width relation, mass, soluble solids (SS), titratable acidity (TA), SS/TA ra...
Water Salinity and Initial Development of Pitaya (Hylocereus undatus)
Roots of pitaya were as sensitive as shoots to saline effects and inhibited plant height, stem diameter, root length, number of additional stems and the dry weight of roots and shoots. Expand
Water salinity and initial development of four guava (Psidium guajava L.) cultivars in north-eastern Brazil
Salinity considerably inhibited the seedling emergence, plant height, stem diameter, leaf area and dry mass content roots (RDM), stems (SDM) and leaves (LDM) in all cultivars tested. Expand
Nutritional status of the potted chrysanthemum relative to electrical conductivity and salt leaching
A qualidade das plantas ornamentais cultivadas em vaso e altamente dependente da adubacao e do manejo do substrato. Nesse sentido, realizou-se um experimento em ambiente protegido para avaliar oExpand
New organic substrates and boron fertilizing for production of yellow passion fruit seedlings
The identification of alternative substrates suitable for seedling production is very important, while boron nutrition is also relevant due to plant requirement and its difficult management. Thus,Expand
Boron fertilizing management on fruit production and quality of mango cv. Palmer in semiarid
According to the minimum quality criteria required for mango fruit commercialization and the fruit production per plant in semiarid, five sprays with H3BO3 [two first at0.3% and three at 0.2%] could be recommended. Expand
Indol-butyric acid levels on cashew cloning by air-layering process
Um estudo foi conduzido com a finalidade de determinar a possibilidade de clonagem do cajueiro (Anacardium occidentale) por alporquia e a influencia do AIB (acido indolbutirico) nesse processo.Expand
Physical and Chemical Characterization of Dovyalis Fruits
Abstract The objective of this work was to establish physical and chemical characterizations of dovyalis hybrid fruits (Dovyalis abyssinica and D. hebecarpa). Samples of 25 fruits were characterizedExpand
Soil salinity and yield of mango fertigated with potassium sources
Irrigated fruit crops have an important role in the economic and social aspects in the region of the Sub-middle Sao Francisco River Valley. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate soil salinityExpand
Evapotranspiration of passion fruit for the Curu Valley.
Aiming on estimating the evapotranspiration (ETc) and crop coefficient (Kc) of passion fruit, an experiment was carried out at the Federal University of Ceará – UFC, The field experiment was carriedExpand