Íñigo García

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The number of people using online social networks in their everyday life is continuously growing at a pace never saw before. This new kind of communication has an enormous impact on opinions, cultural trends, information spreading and even in the commercial success of new products. More importantly, social online networks have revealed as a fundamental(More)
There exists a growing trend towards the use of ADAS and IVIS into the cab. The distraction caused by these devices questions the positive contribution to the road safety. CABINTEC presents an intelligent cab development to improve the entire driver-vehicle-environment system efficiency and safety, creating a global control concept. ASISTE, its central(More)
Microblogging is a service emerged from Web 2.0 that allows to publish posts of limited length, generally less than 200 characters in a user profile Web page. Most of these services, like Twitter<sup>1</sup>, Jaiku<sup>2</sup> or Tumblr<sup>3</sup> provide the option to subscribe to other users, thereby, each post is sent immediately to those who have(More)
The widespread use of thin films in a range of applications and industries, from coatings, inks and lithography to nano-imprinting, optoelectronics, and memory devices 1 , has made the understanding of thin films, particularly the changes induced by structural relaxation and solvent evaporation, very important. There is a need to know if a film will change(More)
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