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This paper describes a modeling in a logical framework of the semantic content of a class of action nouns in French that are ambiguous between a processive interpretation and a resultative one in which these nouns refer to new objects in the world that are created by the process-artefacts. The first part of the paper is about an explanation of the(More)
The issues we address in this paper focus on the interface between lexical semantics and morphology. Just as lexical semantics can be viewed from a compositional point of view, morphology (that is, morpho-semantics) can be understood as a compositional semantics-constrained mechanism according to Corbin's approach (Corbin 1987, 2001). These two levels of(More)
We present a method for grouping the synonyms of a lemma according to its dictionary senses. The senses are defined by a large machine readable dictionary for French, the TLFi (Trésor de la langue française informatisé) and the synonyms are given by 5 synonym dictionaries (also for French). To evaluate the proposed method, we manually constructed a gold(More)
Cet article porte sur l'enrichissement d'un thesaurus par une terminologie extraite d'un dictionnaire. Le thesaurus est structuré tandis que la terminologie apporte des définitions. La fusion des deux ressources par enrichissement mutuel permet de s'orienter vers une onto-terminologie destinée à l'annotation sémantique de textes de spécialité. Nous(More)
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