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This paper describes a modeling in a logical framework of the semantic content of a class of action nouns in French that are ambiguous between a processive interpretation and a resultative one in which these nouns refer to new objects in the world that are created by the process-artefacts. The first part of the paper is about an explanation of the(More)
Following (L'Homme, 2004), this paper focuses on terms variations in full text in French and more precisely it highlights the semantic ambiguity of terms occurrences with regards to a very high leveled distinction between terminological and general uses. This issue is very present especially in Humanities. For instance, we are interested in distinguishing(More)
Annotation sémantique et validation terminologique en texte intégral en SHS Résumé. Nos travaux se focalisent sur la validation d'occurrences de candidats termes en contexte. Les contextes d'occurrences proviennent d'articles scientifiques des sciences du langage issus du corpus SCIENTEXT 1. Les candidats termes sont identifiés par l'extracteur automatique(More)
Arguably, grammars which associate natural language expressions not only with a syntactic but also with a semantic representation, should do so in a way that capture paraphrasing relations between sentences whose core semantics are equivalent. Yet existing semantic grammars fail to do so. In this paper , we describe an ongoing project whose aim is the(More)
Cet article propose une approche originale visant la construction d'un lexique sémantique de référence sur le français. Sa principale caractéristique est de pouvoir s'appuyer sur les propriétés morphologiques des lexèmes. La méthode combine en effet des résultats d'analyse morphologique (Namer, 2002;2003), à partir de ressources lexicales de grande taille(More)
Cet article s'inscrit dans les recherches sur l'exploitation de ressources terminologiques pour l'analyse de textes de spécialité, leur annotation et leur indexation. Les ressources en présence sont, d'une part, un thesaurus des Sciences du Langage, le Thesaulangue et, d'autre part, un corpus d'échantillons issus de cinq ouvrages relevant du même domaine.(More)
Among all researches dedicating to terminology and word sense disambiguation, little attention has been devoted to the ambiguity of term occurrences. If a lexical unit is indeed a term of the domain, it is not true, even in a specialised corpus, that all its occurrences are terminological. Some occurrences are terminological and other are not. Thus, a(More)
We present a method for grouping the synonyms of a lemma according to its dictionary senses. The senses are defined by a large machine readable dictionary for French, the TLFi (Trésor de la langue française informatisé) and the synonyms are given by 5 synonym dictionaries (also for French). To evaluate the proposed method, we manually constructed a gold(More)