Éva Szilágyi

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UNLABELLED There are various public health databases in the world aiming to provide data to compare health conditions in different countries. Their data sets are more or less overlapping but data from different databases and different countries are hard to compare due to different definitions and interpretations. Our aim was to create a core ontological(More)
The effect of storage on MMS-induced recessive lethals in the zeste-white (3A1-3C2) and the maroon-like (18F4-20F) regions was studied by complementation analysis. (1) Without any exception, all 52 mutants (from unstored spermatozoa) mapped in the zeste-white region were restricted to single complementation units. Furthermore, none of an additional 15(More)
DNA damage response failure may influence the efficacy of DNA-damaging treatments. We determined the expression of 16 genes involved in distinct DNA damage response pathways, in association with the response to standard therapy. Twenty patients with locoregionally advanced, squamous cell head and neck carcinoma were enrolled. The treatment included(More)
This paper presents a flexible conceptual framework for pub-lic health indicator databases. The model is a multidimensional-hierarchical representation of statistical data describing health and health influencing factors. The main characteristics of the IDA model are the strong discrimination of concepts (categories of entities enumerated in statistical(More)
Sunitinib is a basic medicine in the therapy of metastatic clear cell renal carcinoma. Our aim was to retrospectively evaluate the efficacy of sunitinib in the everyday clinical practice taking the most common side effects and clinical features into consideration. Data of ninety-four patients with metastatic, clear cell renal carcinoma, receiving sunitinib(More)
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