Éva Juhász

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PURPOSE To analyze complications of femtosecond lasers used for cataract surgery. SETTING Department of Ophthalmology Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary. DESIGN Retrospective analysis. METHODS Intraoperative complications of the first 100 femtosecond laser-assisted (Alcon-Lensx, Inc.) cataract surgeries were collected. Possible complications of(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate and compare the mechanical properties of anterior capsule openings performed with the continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis (CCC) technique and femtosecond laser capsulotomy (FLC) in ex vivo porcine lens capsule specimens. METHODS Fresh porcine eyes were included in the study (CCC group, n = 50; FLC group, n = 30). The capsule openings(More)
In the past few decades an enormous amount of data became known to clarify the molecular composition and architecture of tight junctions (TJs). Despite the efforts, the expression and function of several TJ genes and proteins in breast carcinoma are still not known and some of the data are contradictory. The expression of forty-four TJ associated genes was(More)
The mortality of patients with solid tumors is mostly due to metastasis that relies on the interplay between migration and proliferation. The "go or grow" hypothesis postulates that migration and proliferation spatiotemporally excludes each other. We evaluated this hypothesis on 35 cell lines (12 mesothelioma, 13 melanoma and 10 lung cancer) on both the(More)
Fisher 344 female rats were exposed for 4 weeks to the initiator carcinogen N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)-nitrosamine (BBN) 0.05% in the drinking water and thereafter to the promoter carcinogen mitomycin C (0.08 mg per animal per week) intravesically for 12 weeks. High incidence of urinary bladder transitional cell cancers was observed (17 in situ and 17(More)
PURPOSE To assess the correlation between keratoconus severity and intereye asymmetry of pachymetric data and posterior elevation values and to evaluate their combined accuracy in discriminating normal corneas from those with keratoconus. METHODS This study included 97 patients: 65 subjects with bilateral normal corneas (NC) and 32 with keratoconus (KC).(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate and compare the mechanical properties of anterior capsule opening performed with femtosecond laser capsulotomy at different energy settings in ex vivo porcine anterior lens capsule specimens. METHODS Twenty-five fresh porcine eyes per group were included in the study. Femtosecond laser capsulotomy was performed with three different(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate the balance and changes of corneal higher order aberrations (HOAs) after photorefractive keratectomy (PRK). METHODS Myopic and myopic-astigmatic patients (89 eyes of 48 patients) were enrolled in this study. A PRK was performed using an Asclepion Meditec MEL 80 G flying-spot excimer laser. The mean ablation(More)
While targeted therapy brought a new era in the treatment of BRAF mutant melanoma, therapeutic options for non-BRAF mutant cases are still limited. In order to explore the antitumor activity of prenylation inhibition we investigated the response to zoledronic acid treatment in thirteen human melanoma cell lines with known BRAF, NRAS and PTEN mutational(More)