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10.1128/AEM.00941-06. 2006, 72(10):6554. DOI: Appl. Environ. Microbiol. Gábor Ambrus Jeanplong, Éva Ilkoy, Attila Kónya, István Kurucz and Attila Andor, Antónia Jekkel, David A. Hopwood, Ferenc 155 2 mc smegmatis Mycobacterium -Hydroxylase in α Terminal Oxygenase of the 3-Ketosteroid 9 Characterization, and Expression of the Fast-Growing Mycobacteria and(More)
About 3000 microorganisms (bacteria, Actinomyces, Zygomyces, Deuteromyces) were screened for their capacity to convert mevinolin. Absidia coerulea IDR 705 was found to produce two hydroxylated derivatives of mevinolin, 2 and 3. Compound 2 is a new transformation product while compound 3 was described as a chemical modification product of mevinolin. By(More)
Integration of the pCG79 temperature-sensitive plasmid carrying Tn611 was used to generate libraries of mutants with blocked sterol-transforming ability of the sterol-utilizing strains Mycobacterium smegmatis mc(2)155 and Mycobacterium phlei M51-Ept. Of the 10,000 insertional mutants screened from each library, 4 strains with altered activity of the(More)
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