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Mutations in the UMOD gene encoding uromodulin (Tamm-Horsfall glycoprotein) result in the autosomal dominant transmission of progressive renal insufficiency and hypo-uricosuric hyperuricemia leading to gout at an early age. The clinical appearance is characterized by renal insufficiency and gout occurring in the late teenage years, with end-stage kidney(More)
Uraemia depresses immune response by altering cellular reactivity to mitogenic and antigenic stimulation. One might expect that amelioration of uraemia by dialysis would improve immune responses. We have investigated the effect of haemodialysis on in-vitro parameters of cellular immunity. Our data suggest that haemodialysis leads to loss of a factor or(More)
Pyrogen, when administered intravenously to normotensive and hypertensive men, produced initially vasoconstriction and subsequently marked renal vasodilatation, both resulting from direct effects on the renal vasculature. The absolute renal plasma flow, both during control observations and at the height of renal hyperemia, was greater in normotensives, but(More)