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The purpose of this study was to determine the incidence of mortality and morbidity of the very-low-birthweight infant (< 1,500 g) in breech presentation based on mode of delivery and birthweight. A retrospective chart review of 1,009 infants who were in breech presentation at the time of delivery between January 1, 1990 and December 31, 1995 at the First(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the influence of pacifier use and the introduction of formula milk on breast feeding. METHODS The mothers of 356 healthy newborn infants who initiated breast feeding while in-patients were interviewed within 3 days of birth and later at 2 and 6 months postpartum. Information regarding previous birth, breast-feeding frequency,(More)
This is a review of cases of perinatally diagnosed congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) with associated malformations with regard to time of diagnosis, side of hernia, associated malformations, and outcome. The authors analyzed the data of CDH cases with associated malformations from records of the I. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Semmelweis(More)
Insulin concentrations of 284 amniotic fluid samples were assessed, obtained from pregnant women by genetic amniocentesis between the 16-18 gestational weeks. The indication of amniocentesis was either advanced maternal age (> 35 years) or high risk genetic history. The amniotic fluid insulin concentration (mean +/- SD) was found 3.8 +/- 3.0 microIU/ml. The(More)
OBJECTIVES A single-centre retrospective longitudinal study to investigate the predictive value of KL-6 serum levels for the outcome of interstitial lung fibrosis in a large systemic sclerosis (SSc) patient cohort. METHODS ELISA tests for the mucin like glycoprotein KL-6 were performed in sera of 173 SSc patients. The clinical and laboratory data were(More)
INTRODUCTION The mortality rate from sepsis is high and the risk of sepsis increases in prematurity in proportion to the decrease in birth weight. MATERIAL AND METHOD The authors report the assessment of serum interleukin-6 levels in 12 term, at-risk newborn infants after birth and 60 VLBW neonates after detection of non-specific signs of infection or(More)
UNLABELLED Upon the diagnosis of triplet conception, pregnant women should be counseled about the risk of triplet pregnancy and the chances of survival of triplet newborns. This information can help women with triplet gestations to make well-informed decisions whether to continue their pregnancy or to undergo multifetal pregnancy reduction. AIM To assess(More)
High AFP level (386.9 ng/ml) at the 16th gestational week in a 23-year old pregnant woman was observed. Fetal malformations or maternal causes could not be detected. Monitoring of fetal development and that of the fetal heart rate showed a worsening intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR). Due to the chronic hypoxia and IUGR cesarean section was performed in(More)
INTRODUCTION The wide use of infertility drugs and assisted reproduction has resulted in 4- to 5-fold increase in the incidence of triplet pregnancies, which carry an extremely high risk of maternal complications and adverse perinatal outcome. In Hungary, reduction of multifetal pregnancies is available for all pregnant women with multifetal gestation since(More)