Éva Á. Csató

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We describe a syntactically annotated parallel corpus containing typologically partly different languages, namely English, Swedish and Turkish. The corpus consists of approximately 300 000 tokens in Swedish, 160 000 in Turkish and 150 000 in English, containing both fiction and technical documents. We build the corpus by using the Uplug toolkit for(More)
The launch of Ikonos satellite at the end of September 1999 marked the beginning of a new era for the application of satellite images. Being able to provide up to one-metre resolution panchromatic and four-metre resolution multispectral images, thus available in the past for military purposes or from aerial surveys only, this satellite offers considerable(More)
Two types of relative clauses are used in modern Uyghur: one in which the subject is in the Nominative and the other in which the subject is in the Genitive and the head noun bears possessive agreement. The article gives a concise account of the main characteristics of these and some functionally related constructions. The aim is to pave the way for more(More)
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