Érika Hernández-Velázquez

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PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The present study aims to evaluate the relationship between rs662 (Gln(Q)192Arg(R)) and rs854560 (L55M) and the rs7493 (S311C) in the paraoxonase genes and ischemic stroke (IS) in the population of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). The association with stroke was also evaluated using systematic review and meta-analysis. METHODS A total(More)
The resistance of internal mammary artery (IMA) toward atherosclerosis is not well understood. In plasma, homocysteine (Hcy) occurs in reduced, oxidized, homocysteine thiolactone and a component of proteins as a result of N- or S-homocysteinylation. We evaluated S/N-homocysteinylated protein levels in IMA fragments of patients undergoing coronary artery(More)
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