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This work discusses the impact of power consumption on the test time of core-based systems, when an available on-chip network is reused as test access mechanism. A previously proposed technique for the reuse of an on-chip network is extended to consider power consumption during test, while minimizing the system testing time. Experimental results with the(More)
Network-on-Chip has recently emerged as an alternative communication architecture for complex system chip and different aspects regarding NoC design have been studied in the literature. However, the test of the NoC itself for manufacturing faults has been marginally tackled. This paper proposes a scalable test strategy for the routers in a NoC, based on(More)
Networks-on-chip are likely to become the main communication platform of systems-on-chip. To cope with the growing complexity of the test of such systems, the authors propose the reuse of the on-chip network as a test access mechanism to the cores embedded into systems that use this communication platform. An algorithm exploiting the network characteristics(More)
On-chip integrated network, the so-called network-on-chip (NoC), is becoming a promising communication paradigm for the next-generation embedded core-based system chips. The reuse of the on-chip network as test access mechanism has been recently proposed to handle the growing complexity of testing NoC-based systems. However, the NoC reuse is limited by the(More)
This work intends to evaluate the effect of a Single Event Upsets (SEUs) and crosstalk faults in a NoC router architecture by developing a fault injection mechanism, allowing an accurate analysis of the impact of SEU and crosstalk over the router service. Results show that such faults may affect the router behavior, causing loss of packets, errors in packet(More)
This paper proposes a comprehensive model for testplanning in a core-based environment. The main contributionof this work is the use of several types of TAMs and theconsideration of different optimization factors (area, pinsand test time) during the global TAM and test schedule definition.This expansion of concerns makes possible an efficientyet(More)