Érica Sara Souza de Araújo

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Imprinted inactivation of the paternal X chromosome in marsupials is the primordial mechanism of dosage compensation for X-linked genes between females and males in Therians. In Eutherian mammals, X chromosome inactivation (XCI) evolved into a random process in cells from the embryo proper, where either the maternal or paternal X can be inactivated.(More)
Melanoma is a highly aggressive cancer, accounting for up to 75% of skin cancer deaths. A small proportion of melanoma cases can be ascribed to the presence of highly penetrant germline mutations, and approximately 40% of hereditary melanoma cases are caused by CDKN2A mutations. The current study sought to investigate whether the presence of germline CDKN2A(More)
Although since 1998 more than 1,200 different hESC lines have been established worldwide, there is still a recognized interest in the establishment of new lines of hESC, particularly from HLA types and ethnic groups underrepresented among the currently available lines. The methodology of hESC derivation has evolved significantly since the initial(More)
AIMS Constitutive genetic factors are believed to predispose to cancer in children. This study investigated the role of rare germline copy number variations (CNVs) in pediatric cancer predisposition. PATIENTS & METHODS A total of 54 patients who developed cancer in infancy were screened by array-CGH for germline CNVs. RESULTS In total, 12 rare CNVs were(More)
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