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Beirut. The metropolis of darkness and the politics of urban electricity grid
Despite massive investments in infrastructure reconstruction, Beirut has never fully recovered 24/7 provision of electricity after the civil war (1975-90). Since 2006, the consequences of IsraeliExpand
The Energy of Revolts in Arab Cities: The Case of Jordan and Tunisia
Energy has become a new urban public issue in Arab cities and, hence, the trigger of new claims, mobilizations, and even revolts or riots. This article proposes another approach of energy politics.Expand
The Contested Energy Future of Amman, Jordan: Between Promises of Alternative Energies and a Nuclear Venture
Metropolitan authorities and local business elites are often seen as major players in the energy transition in the city. Such energy transitions are mostly conceived of as low carbon technologies,Expand
Michel Ecochard in Lebanon and Syria (1956–1968). The spread of Modernism, the building of the independent states and the rise of local professionals of planning
The architect and planner Michel Ecochard has had a long career in developing countries, from its first works in Syria under the French rule, until the 1970s. He represented the modernist andExpand
Dynamics, tensions, resistance in solar energy development in Tunisia
Abstract This article takes a critical look at the management of energy transition, showing that the instrumental approach often favoured in public action is hampered not only by divergent interests,Expand
The Geography of Public Lighting in Arab Cities
Recent research shows that lighting in cities has become a salient public policy issue. I will argue here that this is also the case in numerous cities in the Arab world, using some original fieldExpand
Energy transition in Jordanian and Lebanese Cities : the case of electricity
The paper intends to concentrate on the recent transformations in the electricity sector at the national and the local level to examine the degree of involvement of local or city authorities andExpand
Arab Cities in Revolution: Some Observations
Like many observers, I have been keenly watching and left somewhat dumbfounded by the extraordinary events that have unfolded since 14 January in Tunisia and which, over the last week, have alsoExpand
The Eletricity Crisis
Bishwapriya Sanyal (ed.), 2004, Comparative Planning Cultures, Londres, New York, Routledge, 415 p.
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