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Mainly three technologies are presently commercially available for pressure measurement with fiber-optic sensors: intensity-based, fiber Bragg gratings and Fabry-Pérot. The first one is probably the simplest and the cheapest but it is limited to applications where having 2 fixed or up to 4 flexible fibers is not an issue, whereas the two other technologies(More)
Recommended by Christos Riziotis Optical fiber sensors have unique advantages and distinctive features that make them very attractive for many applications especially those involving challenging conditions where other traditional electrical sensors usually fail. Among the commercially available optical fiber sensors, the Fabry-Pérot sensing technology is(More)
The design and fabrication of an ultra-miniature all-glass pressure sensor with a diameter of 125 µm are presented. The sensor consists of a thin flexible silica membrane fused on a capillary tube section, which is assembled at the tip of a standard multimode fiber, thus forming a Fabry-Pérot air cavity whose length depends on applied pressure. Controlled(More)
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