Éric Garcia

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Human CD4(+)CD25(+) regulatory T cells (Treg) play an essential role in the prevention of autoimmune diseases. However, the mechanisms of immune suppression and the spectrum of cells they target in vivo remain incompletely defined. In particular, although Treg directly suppress conventional T cells in vitro, they have been shown to inhibit the Ag-presenting(More)
This paper proposes the use of electric field sensors to implement "pretouch" for robotic grasping. Weakly electric fish use this perceptual channel, but it has not received much attention in robotics. This paper describes a series of manipulators each of which incorporates electric field sensors in a different fashion. In each case, the paper presents(More)
With the advent of collaborative distributed work, it is necessary to study and adapt the traditional models of these new platforms. Various models of design and architecture were set up but the effectiveness of a collaborative platform lies on the capacity which it will have to make really collaborative work i.e. to place the actors in a situation nearest(More)
This work presents the two approaches usually chosen in order to obtain quality of service (QoS) in active networks. The first one, we call the "active approach", allows us to define protocols (or services) adapted to flow contents (in particular their semantics) but does not permit us to set priorities to flows. The second one uses QoS provided by the IP(More)
The communication protocol called Chameleon allows users to work over a collaborative platform. This protocol is based on revolutions between active sites of a token which contains the shared objects modified. Indeed, if one site is not active for a certain delay, it becomes inactive, and only token copies are transmitted to this site. To become active(More)