Éric Fournier

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Oocytes and early embryos contain minute amounts of DNA, RNA and proteins, making the study of early mammalian development highly challenging. The study of the embryo epigenome, in particular the DNA methylome, has been made accessible thanks to the possibility of amplifying specific sequences according to their initial methylation status. This paper(More)
The aim of this article is to introduce a new stand-alone application—Geo-Segregation Analyzer— that is capable of calculating 43 residential segregation indices, regardless of the population groups or the metropolitan region under study. In practical terms, the user just needs to have a Shapefile geographic file containing counts of population groups that(More)
Genome-wide profiling of single-nucleotide polymorphisms is receiving increasing attention as a method of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis in humans and of commercial genotyping of pre-transfer embryos in cattle. However, the very small quantity of genomic DNA in biopsy material from early embryos poses daunting technical challenges. A reliable(More)
Controlling the transcriptional program is essential to maintain the identity and the biological functions of a cell. The Mediator and Cohesin complexes have been established as central cofactors controlling the transcriptional program in normal cells. However, the distribution, recruitment and importance of these complexes in cancer cells have not been(More)
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