Émilie Sacchetto

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OBJECTIVES Triazole resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus due to a single azole resistance mechanism (TR/L98H) is increasingly reported in European countries. Data from patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) are limited. Our study aimed to investigate the prevalence and molecular mechanisms of azole resistance in A. fumigatus in a cohort of patients with CF. (More)
The study of the influence of the anticoagulant used in blood collection tubes to obtain plasma was performed for fifteen biochemical parameters measured with automated Cobas 6000 (Roche Diagnostics). For each parameter tested the entire measurement domain was studied. The comparison of results obtained on plasma blood sample obtained by lithium heparin and(More)
The study of the influence of hemolysis was determined experimentally for twenty two biochemical parameters on the analyzer Cobas 6000 ce (Roche Diagnostics). The addition method of hemolysate was used to create an increasing concentration of hemoglobin ranging from 0 to 2000 μmol/L. The limit of 10% variation was chosen to define the influence of hemolysis(More)
The study of the influence of the lipemia and icterus was performed experimentally for twenty-four biochemistry parameters on the Roche Cobas 6000 CE analyzer. Overloads in Intralipid(®) or ditaurate of bilirubin were performed on several plasma pools. The limit of 10% was chosen to define interference on the measurement. The parameters studied were(More)
LDL-cholesterol value is one of the criteria used by the Haute autorité de santé (HAS) in the management of patients in primary and secondary prevention with the aim to reduce cardiovascular mortality. In this respect, the recommendations have been established based on target to achieve LDL-cholesterol. Currently in France, the determination of(More)
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