Émile J. L. Chappin

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1 Corresponding Author Abstract To elucidate the impact of CO2 EmissionTrading on the European electricity production system-ofsystems an Agent Based Model has been developed. The model emulates the long-term evolution of the European electricity production system-of-systems as a series of investment decisions by independent agents. Simulation results are(More)
This paper focuses on the use of system thinking, complex adaptive systems theory and modeling to help create and operate sustainable energy infrastructure. These are capitalintensive, long-lived large scale socio-technical systems that evolve over decades. To enable high-level decision support on climate policy, strategic investment decisions or transition(More)
Feedback devices can be used to inform households about their energy-consumption behavior. This may persuade them to practice energy conservation. The use of feedback devices can also-via word of mouth-spread among households and thereby support the spread of the incentivized behavior, e.g. energy-efficient heating behavior. This study investigates how to(More)