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Building brands on Youtube: Communication strategies of three successful beauty vloggers
Social media is of increasing importance to businesses and branding, but the inclusion of social media into a marketing strategy does not come without struggles. One ‘business area’ that hasExpand
A maġribī copy of the Kitāb al-Faraj baʿd aš-Šidda, by the ʿIrāqī qāḍī at-Tanūḫī. Study of a Manuscript of Liège University (Belgium)
Author introduces the Arabic manuscript collection in Liege, Belgium, which is not as widely known as it deserves to be. She singles out one particular manuscript, an 11/16th century copy of theExpand
What was there in a Mamlūk amīr’s library? Evidence from a 15th-century manuscript
The image of the Mamluks as coarse barely islamicized brutes who were only interested in archery and horses has been invalidated for several years now. We know that some, in all layers of society,Expand