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Caribbean Discourse: Selected Essays
Selected essays from the rich and complex collection of Edouard Glissant, one of the most prominent writers and intellectuals of the Caribbean, examine the psychological, sociological, andExpand
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Poetics of relation
In Poetics of Relation, French-Caribbean writer and philosopher Edouard Glissant turns the concrete particulars of Caribbean reality into a complex, energetic vision of a world in transformation. HeExpand
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Édouard Glissant in Conversation with Manthia Diawara
In 2009, equipped with a camera, Manthia Diawara followed Édouard Glissant on the Queen Mary II in a transatlantic journey from South Hampton, United Kingdom, to Brooklyn, New York. ThisExpand
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Afro modern : journeys through the Black Atlantic
This important new book addresses a key area of post-colonial studies coined by the British academic Paul Gilroy in 1993 - the notion of 'The Black Atlantic' - and its relation to visual art fromExpand
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Creolization in the Making of the Americas
Inscribed in the American landscape, opening up through it, living in and manifsting it, there is a "civilizational region," real but long unnoticed, perhaps because it was balkanized by occidentalExpand
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Creolisation and the Americas
Martiniquan novelist, poet, playwright and essayist Édouard Glissant (b. 1928), described by the Oxford Companion to French Literature as “the most distinguished and influential French CaribbeanExpand
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Maryse Condé and the Fight Against Prejudice: Making Room for the Haitian Neighbor
Through the first half of the 20th Century, the Haitian revolution of 1804 that gave birth to the "first black republic" provided Haiti with an exemplary status in the imagination of the Diaspora.Expand