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Effect of CH-103, a beta adrenergic receptor antagonist on the activity of Ca2+, Mg2(+)-ATPase in rat cardiac sarcolemma.
It seems to be possible that both protein synthesis and exocytosis of the Tetrahymena change as an effect of imprinting, either in general or specifically due to the formation of new hormone receptors. Expand
[Analysis of sympathomimetic effect of histamine on isolated mammal heart].
[Penicillin-inactivating effect of human serums and protein-free serum ultrafiltrates].
On the cardioprotective effect of adenosine.
In isovolumically perfused Langendorff heart preparations of guinea pigs adenosine-depending on the experimental protocol-more or less could prevent the hypoxia-induced decrease in myocardialExpand
[Cardioprotective effect of levcromakalim in isolated guinea pig heart preparations].
It is supposed that the preservation of glycogen stores induced by levcromakalim may contribute to the decrease of intracellular acidosis evoked by hypoxia and this mechanism may constitute the biochemical basis of cardioprotective effect of lev cromokalim. Expand