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Probabilistic diversification and intensification in local search for vehicle routing
A probabilistic technique to diversify, intensify, and parallelize a local search adapted for solving vehicle routing problems and local searches is presented.
MACS-VRPTW: a multiple ant colony system for vehicle routing problems with time windows
It is shown that MACS-VRPTW is competitive with the best known existing methods both in terms of solution quality and computation time and improves some of the best solutions known for a number of problem instances in the literature.
A Tabu Search Heuristic for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time Windows
A tabu search heuristic for the vehicle routing problem with soft time windows, where lateness at customer locations is allowed although a penalty is incurred and added to the objective value.
Parallel iterative search methods for vehicle routing problems
Two partition methods that speed up iterative search methods applied to vehicle routing problems including a large number of vehicles, based on the arborescence built from the shortest paths from any city to the depot are presented.
A heuristic column generation method for the heterogeneous fleet VRP
The heuristic column generation method may also solve the fleet size and composition vehicle routing problem and new best known solutions are reported for a set of classical problems.
Ant colonies for the quadratic assignment problem
Experimental results show that HAS-QAP and the hybrid genetic algorithm perform best on real world, irregular and structured problems due to their ability to find the structure of good solutions, while HAS–QAP performance is less competitive on random, regular and unstructured problems.