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Benchmarks for basic scheduling problems
We propose 260 randomly generated scheduling problems whose size is greater than that of the rare examples published. Expand
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Probabilistic diversification and intensification in local search for vehicle routing
This article presents a probabilistic technique to diversify, intensify, and parallelize a local search adapted for solving vehicle routing problems. Expand
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Robust taboo search for the quadratic assignment problem
An adaptation of taboo search to the quadratic assignment problem is discussed in this paper, requiring less complexity and fewer parameters than earlier adaptations. Expand
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MACS-VRPTW: a multiple ant colony system for vehicle routing problems with time windows
MACS-VRPTW, an Ant Colony Optimization based approach useful to solve vehicle routing problems with time windows is presented. MACS-VRPTW is organized with a hierarchy of artificial ant coloniesExpand
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Some efficient heuristic methods for the flow shop sequencing problem
Abstract In this paper the best heuristic methods known up to now are compared to solve the flow shop sequencing problem and we improve the complexity of the best one. Next, this problem is appliedExpand
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Abstract This paper compares some of the most efficient heuristic methods for the quadratic assignment problem. These methods are known as strict taboo search, robust taboo search, reactive tabooExpand
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Parallel iterative search methods for vehicle routing problems
  • É. Taillard
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
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  • 1 December 1993
This paper presents two partition methods that speed up iterative search methods applied to vehicle routing problems including a large number of vehicles. Expand
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A Tabu Search Heuristic for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time Windows
This paper describes a tabu search heuristic for vehicle routing problem with soft time windows. Expand
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Ant colonies for the quadratic assignment problem
We present HAS–QAP, a hybrid ant colony system coupled with a local search, applied to the quadratic assignment problem. Expand
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Parallel Tabu Search for Real-Time Vehicle Routing and Dispatching
A tabu search heuristic, initially designed for the static version of the problem, has been adapted to the dynamic case and implemented on a parallel platform to increase the computational effort. Expand
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