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External Costs of Transport in Europe
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A comparison of rail liberalisation levels across four European countries
This paper presents the results of a research into railway regulation and liberalisation in Italy, France, Germany and Spain. The analysis covers the relationship between the State and the railExpand
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This paper analyses the external transport cost estimates that have been found in various European studies. These estimates seem at first glance to be highly dispersed, a fact which raises questionsExpand
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Principles Of Transport Economics
This unique book addresses a wide range of issues and makes use of cutting-edge data to provide a set of universal tools to analyse and inform policy at all levels. It assumes only a basic knowledgeExpand
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Dealing with demand forecasting games in transport privatization
Privatization has increased the number of players in the decision-making process for major transport investment decisions. The main argument of this paper is that this fragmentation is creatingExpand
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A Handbook of Transport Economics
'This Handbook is a stellar compilation of up-to-date knowledge about the important topics in transport economics. Authors include the very best in the field, and they cover the most important topicsExpand
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Full Social Cost of Transportation in Europe
The acknowledgment that transportation cost is a complicated matter and that natural market price does not cover the full social cost is very ancient in Europe, but has gained new interest since theExpand
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Evaluation methodologies of transportation projects in France
Project evaluation methodology has a long history of tradition in France, dating back to the early 1960s when the first Cost--Benefit-Analysis (CBA) procedures were established and distributed inExpand
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Rail Track Wear-and-Tear Costs by Traffic Class in France by
The authors thank the Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français (SNCF) for the opportunity to publish this study made possible by the exceptional data base provided to them. They also thankExpand
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