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Lagrange's Four Squares Theorem with almost prime variables.
Representations of integers by sums of integral squares belong to the small stock of ancient problems in number theory. Lagrange succeeded in proving that all natural numbers can be written äs theExpand
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Sur le problème des diviseurs de Titchmarsh.
Le probleme des diviseurs de Titchmarsh ([19]), consiste en l'evaluation pour / entier ^1, de la somme Γ(,χ; /) definie par T(x\l)= Σ d(p-l) Kp^x (d(n) designe ici le nombre de diviseurs de rentierExpand
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Autour du théorème de Bombieri-Vinogradov
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On the distribution of supersingular primes
Let E be a fixed elliptic curve defined over the rational numbers. We prove that the number of primes p < x such that E has supersingular reduction modp is greater than 0og4*)* for any positive 6 andExpand
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for any e > 0 and A > 0, the implied constant in the symbol <g depending at most on E and A (see [1] and [14]). The original proofs of Bombieri and Vinogradov were greatly simplified by P. X.Expand
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On the switching principle in sieve theory.
to study |(ΛΤ-α)η JS?|. This idea, although quite simple, increases the power of sieve theory by transporting a sieve problem to one which may be more practical. This principle (in a more elaborateExpand
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