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Centric diatoms of large rivers and tributaries in Hungary: morphology and biogeographic distribution
Abstract Centric diatoms of 107 different Hungarian running waters were investigated. Among them the largest was the River Danube, from which more than one hundred plankton samples were analysed by
Pantocsekiella, a new centric diatom genus based on morphological and genetic studies
The new genus Pantocsekiella is described, which has distinctive morphological features: striae unequal in length, central area without areolae, and several Lindavia taxa are transferred into it.
Chlorophyll-a determination with ethanol – a critical test
Chlorophyll-a content is widely used as an indicator of the quality of freshwater bodies. Quantification of chlorophyll-a is a routine procedure in the test laboratories of water works, and in
The distribution of centric diatoms in different rivercatchments in the Anatolian Peninsula, Turkey
The diatoms are one of the most important groups of organisms for biomonitoring studies. In Turkey, most previous applications of diatoms to water quality monitoring have focused on the pennate
Algological and bacteriological investigations on reed periphyton in Lake Velencei, Hungary
Investigations have shown that the original mosaic structure of the lake disappeared; periphytic algae became spatially uniform both in terms of taxonomic composition and abundance and the biodiversity of the reedPeriphyton decreased.
Diversity and ecology of diatoms from Felent creek (Sakarya river basin), Turkey
Diatoms are an important group of aquatic ecosystems. To date, there have been many important algological studies in different river basins in Turkey. However, the use of diatoms in biomonitoring
Recommendations for ecological status assessment of Lake Balaton (largest shallow lake of Central Europe), based on benthic diatom communities
Diatom communities of Lake Balaton, the largest shallow lake of Central Europe, were studied between 2006 and 2008, with the purpose of establishing an initial database for a monitoring system for
Investigation of benthic algal communities, especially diatoms of some Hungarian streams in connection with reference conditions of the water framework directives
Benthic diatom investigations of some Hungarian streams have been carried out in order to find reference sites in assistance to the ecological quality analysis of the different river types according