É B Arushanian

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Caffeine (0.1 g) was shown to increase the variability of the heart rate (parameters of the cardiointervalogram) in 10 healthy women irrespective of their vegetative and hormonal status. The combined use of caffeine and cardiointervalogram reveals "risk phases" in the ovarian cycle of women, accompanied by tension of the adaptive mechanisms. This makes it(More)
After chronic use of melatonin (3 mg before night-time for 14 days) campimetry showed a significant decrease of the threshold of brilliance sensitiveness of the retina in the absence of authentic changes of the sensorimotor response latency in individuals of the older age group. A connection between the eye light sensitivity and the direct effect of the(More)
Melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland and peripheral cells, has very wide spectrum of the pharmacological activity and, as shown by experimental data, may provide universal protection of central nervous system and internal organs from damage. These protective properties of melatonin can be successfully used in therapy of many diseases. However,(More)
Adaptogenic drugs of plant origin (complex phytopreparation tonizid, Ginkgo biloba extract bilobil) and hormonal origin (melaxen or melatonin) exhibit similar spectra ofpsychotropic activity in rats, which are manifested by improved memory, increased locomotion and investigation activity, and decreased anxiety. At the same time, these drugs had different(More)