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Acyclovir is an antiviral agent widely used in herpetic infections in children. Although acyclovir is generally well tolerated, severe nephrotoxicity has been reported in some cases. In this report, we present a 16-year-old girl who developed acute renal failure due to acyclovir treatment and who needed repetitive hemodialysis. Renal biopsy was performed in(More)
Effects of gamma radiation on physiological responses of the M1 sainfoin plants were investigated. Seeds of sainfoin ecotype 'Koçaş' were exposed to 0, 400, 500 and 600Gy from a 60Co source at a dose rate of 0.483 kGyh-1. Irradiated and unirradiated seeds were sown into culture vessels containing MS-basal medium to be cultured for 30 days under in vitro(More)
The effects of radiation at different doses (0, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 Gy) of radioactive cobalt (60Co) γ rays on seed germination and seedling growth of Lathyrus chrysanthus were investigated under in vitro conditions. The results showed that irradiated seeds had increased seed germination percentage, seedling and root lengths, seedling fresh weight,(More)
Fanconi's anaemia (FA) is a hereditary disease transmitted in a recessive manner, characterized by congenital malformations and bone marrow aplasia. A high rate of chromosome breakage is observed in mitoses of cultured blood cells, but the caryotypes are normal. Forty-four patients (27 boys and 17 girls) were followed in the same department between 1962 and(More)
A total of 56 crude oil, refinery product, waste water, sludge and scale samples collected from three refineries were measured by gamma-ray spectrometry. Except for nine samples, all refinery product samples were found to have activity concentrations below the minimum detectable activity (MDA) values. The maximum (224)Ra, (226)Ra, (228)Ra and (40)K activity(More)
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