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Demand for spare parts is often difficult to forecast using historical data only. In this paper, we give an overview of installed based information and provide several ways in which installed base forecasting can be used. We discuss cases of installed based forecasting at four companies and list the issues involved. Moreover, we provide some models to(More)
AND KEYWORDS Abstract In this paper, we consider a continuous review inventory system of a slow moving item for which the demand rate drops to a lower level at a predetermined time. Inventory system is controlled according to one-for-one replenishment policy with fixed lead time. Adaptation to the lower demand rate is achieved by changing the control policy(More)
In this study, we analyze an inventory system facing stochastic external demands and an autonomous supply (independent return flow) in the presence of fixed disposal costs and positive lead times under a continuous review replenishment– disposal policy. We derive the analytical expressions of the operating characteristics of the system; and, construct the(More)
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