Çagatay Edemen

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For a three user Gaussian multiple access channel (MAC), we propose a new superposition block Markov encoding based cooperation scheme. Our scheme allows the three users to simultaneously cooperate both in pairs, and collectively, by dividing the transmitted messages into sub-messages intended for each cooperating partner. The proposed encoding and decoding(More)
In this paper, we focus on the radio resource management problem for the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA)-based mobile relay-enhanced heterogenous cellular networks. We combine mobile relaying and data offloading scenarios to increase the capacity of the system and cope with the mobile data traffic volume that is increased by the number(More)
For a cooperative Gaussian multiple access channel (MAC), we propose a new channel adaptive three user cooperation strategy, based on a non-trivial extension of block Markov superposition encoding. We obtain the expressions for the resulting achievable rate region. We demonstrate through simulations that the participation of an extra user in cooperation(More)
For a three user cooperative multiple access channel (MAC), we propose a new block Markov superposition encoding strategy, which enables all three users to cooperate collectively as well as in pairs. We obtain the resulting achievable rate expressions and compare them with existing two and three user cooperative strategies. We demonstrate that significant(More)
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