Åse Björstad

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Neutrophils interacting with a chemoattractant gradually become nonresponsive to further stimulation by the same agonist, a process known as desensitization. Receptor desen-sitization is a highly regulated process that involves different mechanisms depending on which receptor–ligand pair that is studied. Galectin-3, a member of a large family of(More)
Cathelicidins are CHDP with essential roles in innate host defense but also more recently associated with the pathogenesis of certain chronic diseases. These peptides have microbicidal potential and the capacity to modulate innate immunity and inflammatory processes. PMN are key innate immune effector cells with pivotal roles in defense against infection.(More)
We have investigated calcium-induced secretion in human neutrophils, using a whole-cell patch-clamp technique. Mobilization of subcellular granules to the cell membrane was followed as the change in membrane capacitance (deltaC(m)). Both the magnitude and the kinetics of the response differed between low and high concentrations of Ca(2+). A sustained(More)
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