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This paper connects with recent movements within participatory design that move beyond democracy at work and into public engagements with matters where stakes and stakeholders are uncertain. This is thus a shift from earlier participatory design projects where identifiable stakeholders were a pre-condition. To enable the becoming of stakes and stakeholders(More)
In this paper we propose temporary assemblies where the sharing of stories and concerns are facilitated. Possible challenges and characteristics of such temporary assemblies will be discussed through the project <i>Threads -- a Mobile Sewing Circle</i>, which is designed in order to support conversations in relation to everyday use of ICT as well as in(More)
This piece in the interactive exhibition shows a prototype of a domestic plastic composting kit. More specifically it's a repurposed glass jar with a lid that has been cut open and replaced by a metal net. Inside it common mealworms are biodegrading styrofoam. A democratic design experiment, where similar prototypes were distributed to explore how it is to(More)
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