Åsa Rydén Ahlgren

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We have developed an algorithm for arterial luminal diameter measurement by means of ultrasound and evaluated the algorithm on agar vessel phantoms and in vivo. The algorithm utilises relative threshold detection on the inner slopes of the arterial walls before the resolution is improved by solving the equation of a straight line between the samples around(More)
— Intima-media thickness (IMT) is considered as a valuable marker of early atherosclerosis. We suggest a new algorithm for simultaneous measurements of absolute diameter at diastole, distension (diameter change), IMT at diastole and the intima-media compression (IMC) with a new fast, robust, high-resolution, and automatic algorithm utilizing the ultrasonic(More)
Parabolic sub-sample interpolation for 2D block-matching motion estimation is computationally efficient. However, it is well known that the parabolic interpolation gives a biased motion estimate for displacements greater than |y.2| samples (y = 0, 1, …). Grid slope sub-sample interpolation is less biased, but it shows large variability for displacements(More)
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