Åke Edlund

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In this paper, we describe the findings of the NEON project - a cross-Nordic - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland - project evaluating the usefulness of private versus public cloud services for HPC users. Our findings are briefly that private cloud technology is not mature enough yet to provide a transparent user experience. It is expected that(More)
There is an increased amount of data produced by next generation sequencing (NGS) machines which demand scalable storage and analysis of genomic data. In order to cope with this huge amount of information, many biobanks are interested in cloud computing capabilities such as on-demand elasticity of computing power and storage capacity. There are several(More)
Privacy-preservation for sensitive data has become a challenging issue in cloud computing. Threat modeling as a part of requirements engineering in secure software development provides a structured approach for identifying attacks and proposing countermeasures against the exploitation of vulnerabilities in a system. This paper describes an extension of(More)
—Virtual Screening is a technique in chemoinfor-matics used for Drug discovery by searching large libraries of molecule structures. Virtual Screening often uses SVM, a supervised machine learning technique used for regression and classification analysis. Virtual screening using SVM not only involves huge datasets, but it is also compute expensive with a(More)
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