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Miscellaneous Sumerian Hymns
The hymns treated below are a continuation of my article in OrSuec. 19—20 (1972) 140—178 "Hymns to Meslamtaea, Lugalgirra and Nanna-Suen in Honour of King Ibbisuen of Ur". Whereas the materialExpand
A Hymn to Inanna and Her Self-Praise
in-nin šà-gur4-ra. A Hymn to the Goddess Inanna by the en-Priestess Enḫeduanna
Edition d'un hymne a la deesse Inanna par la pretresse Enheduanna, fille de Sargon d'Akkad. A partir de 29 textes et fragments d'epoque babylonienne ancienne, l'A. est parvenu a reconstituer 274Expand
"He Is a Good Seed of a Dog" and "Engardu, the Fool"
(1) a d u 10 g a u r r a "He is a good seed of a dog" and (2) a composition called "Engardu, the Fool" (engar-du10l lu-lil-la). x0. 1 uaXr 29-15-998 and duplicates CBS 9887 + CBS 117832 and NT 1382Expand
Miscellaneous Sumerian Texts, III
This is a hymn to the goddess Nininsina: za3-mi2-zu dulo-ga-am3, "your praise is sweet" (rev. 21). CBS 14065 has been collated by the writer; the many corrections to and improvements on Chiera's copyExpand
CBS 11319+ An Old-Babylonian Schooltext from Nippur
Commentaires a propos d'un texte date de la premiere periode babylonienne provenant de Nippur. On observe sur les tablettes des inscriptions en sumerien accompagnees de leur traduction en akkadien,Expand