Ângela Mehta

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BACKGROUND Rice (Oryza sativa L.) germplasm represents an extraordinary source of genes that control traits of agronomic importance such as drought tolerance. This diversity is the basis for the development of new cultivars better adapted to water restriction conditions, in particular for upland rice, which is grown under rainfall. The analyses of(More)
BACKGROUND Asian rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi) is a common disease in Brazilian soybean fields and it is difficult to control. To identify a biochemical candidate with potential to combat this disease, a new chitinase-like xylanase inhibitor protein (XIP) from coffee (Coffea arabica) (CaclXIP) leaves was cloned into the pGAPZα-B vector for expression in(More)
Plant defense response is an elaborate biochemical process shown to depend on the plant genetic background and on the biological stressor. This work evaluated the soybean biochemical foliar response to brown stink bug herbivory injury through an analysis of redox metabolism and proteomic 2DE profiles of susceptible (BRS Silvania RR) and resistant (IAC-100)(More)
Differential protein profiles of three stages of somatic embryogenesis, including globular, torpedo, and cotyledonary somatic embryos, of Coffea arabica cv. Catuaí Vermelho were analyzed in an attempt to better understand somatic embryogenesis in coffee plants. Somatic embryos at these different stages of development were collected from in vitro-grown(More)
Citation: Mehta A and Silva LP (2015) MALDI-TOF MS profiling approach: how much can we get from it? Front. Plant Sci. 6:184. Mass spectrometry has brought unprecedented possibilities in the field of proteomics. The advances obtained in the last 10 years have been outstanding and have enabled faster and more reliable data acquisition and comparison. One(More)
Microcystis aeruginosa is a species of cyanobacteria commonly found in a number of countries and frequently related to animal poisoning episodes due to its capacity to produce the cyanotoxin known as microcystin. Despite vast literature on microcystin structures and their deleterious effects, little is known about its synthesis by cyanobacteria. Therefore,(More)
12 SNAPSHOTS Many millions of adults in Europe are receiving social care, which can be defined as support for individuals with the activities of their daily lives, which can range across personal needs, domestic tasks, social activities and friendship. Most of this support is unpaid care from family and friends, but there are also large numbers of community(More)
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