Ásgeir R. Helgason

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BACKGROUND Studies indicate that shortage of cessation counsellors may be a major barrier for tobacco prevention among physicians. Telephone helplines (quitlines) may be an option. The effectiveness of the Swedish quitline and factors related to abstinence from smoking 12 months after the first contact were assessed. METHOD Subjects included 694 smokers(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate inter-rater reliability when using the Swedish version of the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Code (MITI) as an adjunct to MI training, clinical practice and research. Coders were trained to use the MITI for scoring taped sessions. The 4-month basic training had a duration of 39 hours. Following training, 60(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate to what extent prostate cancer patients confide their emotional concerns, and whether having no one to confide in affects well-being. MATERIAL AND METHODS A population-based study using epidemiological methods. A questionnaire was mailed to all 431 living prostate cancer patients aged 50-80 at the time of selection, diagnosed(More)
Relevant information for clinical decision-making in a wide spectrum of diseases includes the extent to which sexual function is intact, how important it is to preserve sexual capacity and whether waning sexual function causes distress. Little information is available on elderly men. We aimed to obtain this basic information. Radiumhemmet's Scale of Sexual(More)
The objective was to investigate how prostate cancer and its treatment affects sexual, urinary and bowel functions and to what extent eventual complications cause distress. A questionnaire was sent to 431 men aged 50-80 years with prostate cancer diagnosed in 1992 in the Stockholm area (Sweden) and 435 randomly selected men with a similar age distribution.(More)
AIMS To describe the prevalence and intensity of different symptoms in relation to tobacco abstinence. To explore latent dimensions between symptoms in smokers trying to quit. DESIGN A cross sectional study using a questionnaire to retrospectively assess symptoms over a period of 12 months. SETTING Swedish telephone quitline, a nationwide free of charge(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated the predictors and long-term consequences of awareness time - the length of time a woman is aware of her husband's impending death from cancer. METHODS All women (n = 506) living in Sweden under 80 years of age who lost their husband/partner owing to cancer of the prostate in 1996 or of the urinary bladder in 1995 or 1996 were(More)
To evaluate the Swedish version of the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Code (MITI), MITI coding was applied to tape-recorded counseling sessions. Construct validity was assessed using factor analysis on 120 MITI-coded sessions. Discriminant validity was assessed by comparing MITI coding of motivational interviewing (MI) sessions with information- and(More)
AIMS To assess attitudes towards environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and health-risk awareness regarding the potential hazards of ETS for children among parents of young children in the Nordic countries. Also to investigate to what extent these factors are related to ETS exposure of the children. DESIGN A cross-sectional community-based survey using an(More)
AIMS Studies indicate that doctors may be reluctant to discuss smoking with their patients. Knowledge about how this problem might be solved is limited. The aim of this study was to identify barriers for engaging in tobacco prevention in general practice. METHODS An anonymous questionnaire was mailed to 3,167 randomly selected general practitioners (GPs)(More)