Árpád Berta

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—Smart portable devices form the largest personal computing platform so far in human history, yet the adoption of P2P techniques has been very slow. One reason is the lack of a detailed understanding of the dynamic patterns of network connectivity and battery usage. For example, we know that when a smartphone is on a charger connected to a WiFi network(More)
One of the most fundamental data processing approach is the clustering. This is even true in distributed architectures. Here, we focus on the problem of designing efficient and fast K-Means approaches which work in fully distributed, asynchronous networks without any central control. We assume that the network has a huge number of computational units (even(More)
Low-rank matrix approximation is an important tool in data mining with a wide range of applications, including recommender systems, clustering, and identifying topics in documents. When the matrix to be approximated originates from a large distributed system, such as a network of mobile phones or smart meters, a challenging problem arises due to the(More)
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