Árpád Bellyei

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The long-term results of 30 patients (31 hips) who underwent derotational femoral varus osteotomy for Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease are presented. Pain, leg-length discrepancy, Trendelenburg sign, and range of motion at the operated hip were examined clinically. Radiographic analysis included measurement of the Wiberg angle, epiphyseal index, acetabular index,(More)
The aim of our study was to determine the radiographic prevalence of hip and knee osteoarthritis and compare our results with prevalence data reported by other studies, as no similar study had been performed in Hungary previously. Our aim was also to investigate the usefulness of the different radiological scoring methods for the definition of(More)
A genetic family study was undertaken by photofluorography of the first, second, and third degree relatives of 116 index patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS). The index patients were ascertained in the course of an epidemiological screening. The pattern of familial clusters and the recurrence risk related to the number of affected relatives(More)
Various qualitative and quantitative radiological geometrical parameters can be of great help when assessing dysplasia of the hip joint and in understanding developmental processes of the infant hip. There are few data on the normal values of the hip joint at different ages. To perform radiographic measurements on hip joints considered to be anatomically(More)
As part of the international campaign of the bone and joint decade, we aimed to present epidemiological data on the prevalence of major joint complaints in a Central European region. Ten thousand subjects aged between 14 and 65, selected randomly by the Hungarian central office of statistics from three counties in southern Hungary, were surveyed using our(More)
This is a retrospective study of eight consecutive patients of mean age 19 (13–27) years with severe Scheuermann's kyphosis who underwent anterior and/or posterior fusion using the Cotrel-Dubousset (CD) instrumentation. In two an anterior release and fusion with rib grafts had been previously performed. The mean follow-up was 5 years. The preoperative(More)
INTRODUCTION One of the most important achievements of modern orthopedics is the treatment of degenerative disorders of the knee joint with endoprostheses. The most often used type of knee prosthesis implanted in our times is the total condylar one. With increasing numbers of prosthesis operations the number of complications is also increasing. AIM(More)
To investigate the effect of instability on the remodelling of a minor articular surface offset, we created a 0.5 mm coronal step-off of the medial femoral condyle in 12 New Zealand white rabbits and transected the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). A control group of 12 rabbits had only ACL resection and the opposite knee was used as the non-operated(More)